He who knows how to taste does not drink wine, but savours secrets
– Salvador Dalí

This is how the Spanish artist, known for his ability to reveal the secrets of the mind, defined the sensation that we wine lovers feel when we uncork a bottle. Like magic, our senses transport us to another place, time and story from the past.

My own love story with wine started in 2014 when I went to live in Toronto to perfect my English and experience a new part of the world. The first week in the city, I was fortunate to find work at a restaurant with a great team of people, where I made many friends, all passionate about wine and gastronomy. Thanks to the time I spent there, and the daily contact with a large cellar, my passion for wine was born.

Through my experience in Toronto's hospitality sector, I learned to express the stories and uniqueness of fascinating wines to guests. In a glass of wine, you don't just discover fermented grape juice, but a story, and often even the soul of the winemaker behind the bottle. To learn how to communicate the essence of a wine is to intensify one's own experience with it and enjoy it with both the senses and the mind.

My degree in Audiovisual Communication and specialization in Scriptwriting was my personal path to discovering my interest in the culture and stories of places. As I immersed myself in the world of wine, I began to understand that many wines are stories in a bottle. We use our senses of sight, taste and smell as the channels to experience wine, in the same way that we use our sense of sight to enjoy a novel.

This growing enthusiasm began to transform itself into my professional career. Through Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) courses, I learned that the world of wine is extensive, complex and interesting. Once I began to study and discover, it became an essential part of my life. The more I learned, the more I understood that there was so much more to learn.

In 2017, my interest for the wines and gastronomy of Spain motivated me to start a new adventure. Old World Wine Experience was born with the idea to provide personalized wine tours for Canadians visiting Spain. As the guide, I discovered the treasures of the various regions of Spain. I also experienced unforgettable moments and ample knowledge.

Currently, I'm studying the Level 4 Diploma in London. During the on-site classes, I've had the opportunity to meet students from around the world. We have shared different ideas and viewpoints about this art form which starts on the vine and ends in the glass.

Through this blog, I hope to bring wine lovers closer to the regions, cellars, wines and people who make up the great richness which is Spanish wine.

Everyone is welcome to join in and share comments and contribute to create a welcome space for exchanging ideas, opinions and experiences.